Basic Schedule & Details

//Basic Schedule


7:30   PM    Student Orientation & Service


8:00   AM      Judges’ Orientation (Fellowship Hall)

8:00   AM      Volunteer Orientation (Fireside Room)

8:45   AM      Festival Presentations Begin

12:00 PM      Lunch Break

1:00 PM      Festival Presentations Resume

4:00   PM      Celebration Service (Sanctuary – time approximate)


Download the FAF17 Rulebook Here

What should I do with my iPod/MP3 player?

Each MP3 player/iPod/phone should be cued to the correct song.  Each MP3 should be labeled with a sticky note that says your name (or group) and your performance time.  Give the MP3 to the sound person in your designated room BEFORE you are “in the hole” (the presentation next in line after the “on deck” presentation.)  You can pick up your MP3 when the round is complete.  Do not disturb a sound person during a presentation.  It is the responsibility of the students, parents and youth leaders to be completely legal and ethical in their conduct regarding copyrighted music, scripts or any other original published or unpublished works


How do I switch time slots or drop an event? 

You and your youth leader are responsible to talk to another participant to switch time slots.  A youth leader must then talk to the front info desk personnel and room moderator and report the change.  Dropping an event should have been done at registration, but if it wasn’t, please go to the event room and inform the room moderator.


When do I find out my score and rank?

Ranks (Superior, Excellent, etc.) will be posted or available at the info desk starting mid-morning on Saturday.  Scores will not be posted but will be available with your evaluator sheets you receive at the close of the festival.  These sheets and your certificate are provided in your church’s packet.  THE OFFICE IS OFF LIMITS!  No student, adult, youth pastor, etc. is allowed to stop by the office to check scores.  They will not be given!  Please respect our office personnel and wait for items to be posted.


Do I need to attend all the services?

Every student must attend the Friday evening Fine Arts Orientation and Service.  Everyone is also encouraged to stay for the Saturday Celebration Service.  Students who do not stay for the ENTIRE Celebration Service will not qualify to win the Merit Award – and should notify the judges of this at their performance.  Certificates and score sheets will be available at the conclusion of the Celebration service.  Churches/students who leave early will need to arrange for their items to be picked up from the information desk at the conclusion of the festival.  NDYM will not mail items to churches/students who have left early.


How do I qualify for a Merit Award?

Students should be prepared to answer questions about their ministry piece.  Judges will use this to help determine the merit award winners.  Questions may be along the lines of:  What does this piece mean to you and what do you hope to accomplish through this?  How are you currently involved in ministry at your home church and school?  How could you use this talent/gift to minister to others?  The Merit Awards will be given at the Celebration Service.


Middle School Merit Awards!

To qualify for a Middle School Merit Award, all members of an entry must be in grades 6-8.  Youth leaders were given wristbands at registration to provide to their Middle School students.  Middle Schoolers should wear these wristbands at ALL times!


When is the deadline for the National Fine Arts Festival?

The FINAL registration postmark date for all National Fine Arts entries is: May 19 for mailed forms, June 2 for online registration. NO ENTRIES ARE ACCEPTED AFTER THAT DATE.  Mail entries to the NATIONAL OFFICE, not to the ND Youth Department!  All information and registration forms are available at


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